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The Olympic Farce!

If you suspected but were never able to put your finger on what actrually happens throughout "The Olympic Family" in order to enrich those who administer the operation as opposed to those who participate, read no further than this article that appeared in the Wsahington Post on Sunday. The article is written from a US perspective, but much of it reveals what takes place behind the scenes at the international level. 

It lifts the lid on the multifarious operations at myriad levels throughout the movement that suck on the gigantic teat, fed by sponsorship, and TV rights controlled by Rupert Murdoch. Yes, even our former yachting personality Barbara Kendal is tied up in this through her membership of the IOC. But she is just New Zealand's public face of the gigantic rort - it permeates every level, and the picture painted of troughing IOC members lining up in 6-star hotel rooms to receive their outrageous daily cash allowances via $100 note-counters is evocative. And that is just the surface of it. 

Just like with international football, the rot is so deep so as to be beyond full understanding, and certainly unlikely to change in the foreseeable future. The corruption is just so widespread that as a side effect, and ipso facto  it makes any attempt to alter or stop drug cheating virtually impossible. That Thomas Bach is a first name mate of Vladimir  Putin's, say's it all really.

Read the story, and try not to be too depressed about what is about to unfold over the next three weeks - at least we can revel in whatever successes our athletes achieve against the odds, but nevertheless recognise that some, probably many will inevitably be cheated out of medals.  After years of effort, those who overcome these odds deserve all possible recognition. 

It would have softened the blow for many had they been able to respect the effort and organisation of honest officialdom. Alas, such appears unlikely.




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