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Latest News on Hahei Parking etc,

"65 Residents and Ratepayers attended our Peer Review Workshop Meeting of the updated MWH Traffic Management Report.

You can read the minutes of the meeting here. A report of the meeting was published by Whitianga Informer and can be found here (pages 10 and 11). In the meantime, here is a quick summary of the key matters discussed and decided.

  • Kotare Reserve must never be used as an overflow car park.
  • There shall be no "Formalisation" (kerb/channel) of Hahei streets to accommodate peak parking
  • The Village Entry Car Park (Pa Road) shall be free
  • TCDC/HBRPA will explore additional parking options on the Wastewater Treatment plant land and with Hahei entrance land (100 Acres) owners.
  • Hahei Business Association will be consulted for additional signs
  • Tour buses must be restricted to off street parking only - i.e. Entrance Car Park.
  • There must be a good footpath between the Village Entry car park and Pa Road intersection. 

It was agreed that parking is is a seasonal problem and needs a seasonal approach. The Hahei community doesn’t want to bear the brunt of the Mayor’s legacy "Great Walk" project. However, it was recognised that there must be a balance between tourism/business and property owners’ rights

We are pleased that HBRPA's earlier position to reject further tourist attractions in Hahei, specifically the Blow Hole Walk, is more than vindicated by the MWH report. The Hahei Community is very appreciative of Mayor Leach's public commitment to Hahei that no further developments in Hahei until traffic problems are solved.

Based on feedback from HBRPA and other interested parties, TCDC has just released their Parking Strategy for South Mercury Bay. You can view it here, here, here and here.  It will be considered at the Mercury Bay Community Board meeting next Wednesday at 9.00am August 24th. John North intends making a presentation on behalf of HBPRA. If you wish to express your views to the Mercury Bay Commununity Board members, you can find their contact details"

Couldn't be any clearer than that. The residents have clearly spoken, but is the Mayor and Council listening? I hope so, because this has the potential to turn into another Leach shemozzle of gigantic proportions - all because of his bluff and bluster taking Council into projects without adequate consultation BEFORE commencing work.

This whole "Great Walks" thing has sent shivers up my spine right from day one. Rate-payers sometimes takes considerable time to get worked up about issues that affect them where they are not being listened to. This is one such.



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