Stop on Sugarloaf
Monday, August 22, 2016 at 1:26PM
Bill Barclay

Marine Farmers Association President, Gilbert James this morning announced a 6 month stop on the Sugarloaf expansion for which his association took over the Resource Consent responsibility some months ago on the instigation of the Council.

They have come to the conclusion that it is pointless to continue while an appeal against the development proceeds. This is somewhat unusual - the application would normally precede an appeal, or maybe Gilbert is just anticipating that the appeal will be strong, and it is pointless his Association spending the considerable amount required in the meantime. The Te Kouma residents are well organised, funded and ready to tackle the Association, no matter what they propose.

Council has already agreed to fund a good proportion of it to cover the health and safety, and recreational access requirements, so that must have been a decision taken with a heavy heart - particularly as he now acknowledges that the mussel farming wharf operations would have non-complying status unless it can now obtain Marine Service Zone status - why that would be any less likely to attract an appeal escapes me, but you can bet that there is twisting and turning on the matter in the Castle as we speak.

This, along with all the other delays on Coromandel Harbour projects announced at the same time give a pretty fair indication of the final insult to Leach's grand three pronged economic development plans. They are no further ahead at this point were when they were all first announced with so much fanfare four years ago. A costly disaster that we will all be paying for years to come. It is just as well that he decided to forego another term. Sugar-loaf is just a metaphor for sugar-less.

What a shambles! 




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