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'Dream Team' Sign Up At Whitianga Med Centre

In a tacky display of bravado, the Team of French, McLean & Fox have erected signage on the site of the proposed medical centre at Whitianga Waterways that is a direct challenge to the by-laws designed to that prevent the erection of signs on Council property.

Of course, they will say that the land has not yet legally transferred to the Council and that Waterways is fully entitled to give permission for it to used for this purpose.

I would like to see that interpretation challenged. The Council has clearly agreed to enter to an agreement with Waterways, and that for all intents and purposes, it is Council land and therefore forbidden from being used for this purpose.

It will be interesting to see if the Council Electoral Officer agrees, and takes steps to instruct the "Dream Team" to remove it.

It is a measure of the arrogance of all participants in this attempt to side-step the law, and take advantage of their close, long-standing relationship with Hoppers and Waterways that they should have even attempted this metaphoric finger in the air to other candidates.

It is not even a good sign - virtually unreadable! 


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Reader Comments (1)

section 57(3) of the Local Electoral Act 2001 allows for candidates to declare that they are a member of a group or organisation
61 (2) states A candidate profile statement,—
must be confined to information concerning the candidate (including any group or organisation with which the candidate claims under section 55(4) to be affiliated, or his or her status as an independent candidate, and the candidate’s contact details), and the candidate’s policies and intentions if elected to office;

The trick is the act says you can declare to be a member of a team [ BUT YOU DON'T HAVE TO!]

So we have the curious situation of candidates for council identifying as members of a 'TEAM' at meetings and on billboards but not bothering to include such information on the ballot paper.

By keeping it informal the TEAM can have an agenda which is not made completely public just hinted at. It is also not clear who is or isn't a member of THE TEAM but taking a good guess it's possible to see THE TEAM would control the council when the ones in the closet come out after the votes are counted.

Amendments to the LGA like the one initiated by Warren Flaunty in Auckland when he rorted the system, go through in 5 minutes flat.
Designing a clause that demands you nail your colours to the mast from the beginning should not be too hard.

September 20, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterRobert Jeffares

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