WRC Candidate Profiles 
Tuesday, August 30, 2016 at 9:38AM
Bill Barclay

Here are the profiles submitted by the various candidates - several at the last possible moment. 

Mark Alloway - This candidate certainly has a low profile, and does not offer much of a clue in his statement, though he may be better known around Whitianga where he has operated "a business" for ten years. His main object appears to be to hand back work originally done by DoC and TCDC such as "bio-diversity and moorings." Just how that helps us he does not disclose. Wants WRC to just deal with "waterways and canals."

Clyde Graf - We certainly know Clyde even though he resides outside the area. Clydes main objective has always been the elimination of 1080 - count that as a failure!. His Rates Control Team is a anomaly that has stifled progress in other areas, and a good lesson to all of us on the Team approach to local politics. He claims success in other areas that I suspect moist of would consider backward steps. Clyde had alienated virtually every other member and it is time he was replaced. 

Brian Haberfield - A retired builder interested in "sustainable economics." Like so many others, stretches credibility by claiming Iwi links "through his children." - nice one Brian! Claims all manner of vocational activity over the years, but "has no personal agenda." That is good, but hardly a qualification for Regional council. 

Liam Kedzlie - This is an interesting one - a recent returnee from overseas who claims to support all manner of motherhood and apple pie issues. Hard to get a handle on this guy - but he is trained lawyer which may or may not be a good qualification - does not appear to have a practising certificate. Supports a number of Regional initiatives including Emergency Services and Transport. Sort of supports local control of mangrove - that should get attention in Whagamata. 

Dal Minogue - I have made no secret of  my support for Dal - he is a practised hand who has demonstrated total commitment to the District, and has the local government knowledge to be able to hit the ground running. He is extremely critical (and rightly so) of the sitting member for his performance, and vows ro restore credibility around the Council table. Dal is particularly good at communication with constituents, and is tireless in his efforts to represent their views. A safe, but insistent hand in every respect.

Dirk Sieling - The previous post is devoted to Dirk, so no other appears necessary. He is a dairy farmer managing several large properties and has devoted himself to farmer interests for many years, and appears rather one-eyed in that respect.  Claimed seriously some years ago in my hearing that the elevated nitrates from farming in the Waihou and Piako was "good for the mussels" - I kid you not! There are sufficient farmers already on the WRC. Dirk may be good for Fonterra, but not necessarily for us. 




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