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Dal Minogue a Standout for WRC

Still no sign that Clyde Graf is standing again for the WRC, but I hear on the grapevine that he is. Unfortunately, that means that Dal Minogue will not have a ‘clear run.’

I will be wholeheartedly supporting Dal for this position – he is by far the best qualified and experienced candidate, no matter who else stands. Clyde as a ‘single issue’ anti 1080 proponent has very little else to offer and was identified in a 25 February article by Geoff taylor as part of the so called ‘rates control’ team that was caught out ‘troughing’ earlier year.

Here is the article on the matter that I published on 25 February:

All is not well on the Waikato Regional Council following an excellent piece of investigative reporting by Geoff Taylor. Geoff discovered that the Rates Control ticket on the council has taken to pre-meeting tete-a-tetes at a Grey St Café in order to establish joint positions on issues arising in agenda.

This is of course totally contrary to standing orders, and an abrogation of member responsibility to rate-payers who expect every issue to be dealt with on its merits. The particular motions on which our intrepid team that stood at the last election as the “Rates Control Team” decided over coffee and muffins that day in September related to a motion to liberalise Council policy on travel allowances payable to councillors.

They won this one later in the day 7 : 6, but fortunately for ratepayers, the move was later rejected by the Remuneration Authority because it “failed the test.” Just by way of example, the move could have enabled our member Clyde Graf who lives in Hamilton to quadruple his claim on top of claiming “travel time” while travelling backwards and forwards to the Peninsula to attend any meetings with groups or individuals.

And all this on top of the generous $55,000 councillor remuneration already approved. The main beneficiaries of these new generous arrangements would have been Graf and the previous Chairman – Peter Buckley, who was notorious for claiming overnight accommodation while attending meetings when he lived only an hour away from Hamilton.

Geoff Taylor’s final words on this matter are worth pondering for any Coromandel resident or ratepayer:

“Until some scrutiny can be applied to Buckley and Graf's travel claims, I would hate to see any liberalisation in expense policies. If you want to stand for Council, go ahead. But accept that it's not a full time job and shouldn't be paid as such. If you don't like the remuneration, don't stand. Members of the Rates Control (ticket) appear bent on destabilising the Council over what expenses they should collect. It is not a good look.”

So there you have it – that is the level of troughing and hypocrisy indulged in by the members of our Rates Control Team. Well worth remembering before the October election - especially in view of their pre-2013 election claim to be all about cutting expenditure, and "fiscally responsible."

Finally, it is also worth noting that it was this same meeting where another Rates Control bloc-vote was employed to reject 'in principle' support to the TCDC's Coromandel Heritage Region proposal.

I am opposed to the CHR concept, but deplore bloc voting of this nature in local government. It is time that steps were taken to knock it on the head before it becomes endemic.”

Time for a change! 



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