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Thursday, September 1, 2016 at 11:51AM
Bill Barclay

Long standing resident - Anne Stewart Bell of Pauanui has taken the trouble to comment on the Prosurement post in the following terms. I have highlighted them because they represent the thoughts of a competent observer of local politics - one who has made thoughtful submissions to District and Annual Plans in the past.

I would have to say that I agree with most of what Anne has said - it is incumbent on every rate-payer to make sure that we get the best possible representation, and not simply roll-over because of false claims, and empty promises.

Here are Anne's comment:

"Read your latest blog. TCDC would do well to heed the KPMG Procurement Report. They are internationally and nationally recognised  in their field – well beyond “ the fiefdom” of a Council on the Coromandel Peninsula.

For some time I have said that  need to run soundly and ethically. I raised in my submission to the District Plan that it is not good practice to use depreciation for new assets –”taking from Peter to pay Paul” – something well run businesses do not do. Was also highly concerned with  the huge blow out on the Waste Water systems on the Eastern Seaboard – double the original intended costs and one that ratepayers over  here are now up for. ( If I ran a private business like that it would now be bankrupt).

We are tired of seeing our rates go to Council, contracts and  projects that are sometimes “ Pie in the sky “ ideas. - A colouring in competition for a car rally - the car rally organisers would have been able to organise this at half the cost.

We are tired of the attitude of the majority  of current TCDC councillors and community board members and would be contenders that TCDC is “ a gravy train” to provide them with an income and “ free feeds” and “ transport” in exchange for  doing very very little or representing the true needs of what they regard as well beneath them - the menial ratepayers of the area.

I come  from five  generations of family on the Coromandel Peninsula who have been Mayors, Councillors and local council members (most were in these  roles unpaid)

it is my feeling that in the current environment of TCDC and their staff that they have all forgotten the true purpose and what a Council should actually be doing. If  we continue down this path, Council will run the risk of of bankruptcy or insolvency a third time.

Yes I hope your latest blog has some influence in TCDC actually heeding what the KPMG Report says and do something, including becoming transparent in their operations to those who foot the bill for their  gratuities , salary and wages."

Pretty strong stuff!




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