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"Great Walk" Progresses, but Questions Remain!

Here is the entire plan as published today outlining progress to date, and what lies ahead with the Hahei to Whitianga Walk. 

It apears that a very interesting Expression of Interest on a Purangi 'dry-foot' crossing has been received, and is under investigation. That will aswaited by many with great interest.

In the meantime, their remains the decisions of the Hahei Residents & Ratepayers that were conveyed to Council over a month ago. It would appear that Council, the Board, or staff have decided to just ignore the decisions as conveyed by Chair John North. I don't think that will go down very well at Hahei. The most contentious of these is the demand that the Hahei Entrance Carpark (and presumably shuttle-bus), be totally free of charge in order to avoid 'free-loding' around Hahei streets. 

I indicated at the time that it was unlikely that this would be acceptabel to the Board, because by extension it would make charging at Lees Road Carpark almost impossible. But they cannot deal with this by simply ignoring it - it is clearly integral to the co-operation of Hahei residents - something that they all seem to value. 

Other than that, there are still other hurdles to get over, but they should deal with the carpark one first and foremost. 




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