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Bryan Gould Hits the Jackpot!

Blow me over with a feather, Bryan Gould has confounded all my deep-seated prejudices against quintessential British academic left-wingers by writing articles in the NZH with which I totally concur twice in one week. 

How can that be - reading Bryan has been the equivalent for me of rushing off to the local massage parlour for a good old-fashioned dose of masochistic public school birching - he could make me mope for a week with deep-seated fury.

But now he comes out with a real-time birching of that old sour-puss of so-called British rugby journalism - Stephen Jones of the Sunday Times  which most of us have given up reading in any case because a Murdoch imposed firewall. Jones in his inimitable fashion, and along with Brian O'Driscoll, and a range of other malcontents grizzle about England's inability to match it with the AB's, and have latched onto the "infamous eye-gouging" incident involving Owen Franks that the alleged victim dismissed out of hand.

Jones in his inimitable style uses the incident to castigate the ABs and all who stand with them. His palpable fury is only matched by the twisted post-game logic of the chagrined Michael Cheika who devoid of any other excuse latched onto this one incident like a lamprey. 

And then on the 15th September, my erstwhile mate B. Gould Esquire proceeded to castigate those who have speculated on the Auckland property market in particular, and deplored those particularly in the media who have seen fit to praise those who have acquired wealth in this manner through a frenzy of fore-lock pulling. It is a perfectly reasonable analysis of a totally unacceptable and deplorable tendency we have towards placing the rich (and famous) on some shaky pedestal, whether in envy or admiration is hard to tell. 

In any case, the said Bryan Gould has reflected my views on both these issues in a manner that he has  never managed in the past. I am thrilled to be able to now acknowledge that on this occasion, the birch is but a feather as referred to in the first sentence of this post. Go Bryan!




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