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HH on The Street

Voting papers are out today, and hence  today is key for advertising your wares if you hope to capture the initial flood (?) of voting that accompanies the arrival of the papers in the letter-box. 

For some strange reason, neither French nor Goudie saw fit to take advantage of this opportunity in today's HH, and have left the field to all the 'rats and mice' candidates. Of those, the most outrageous is the half pager paid for by Strat Peters whose claims are barely credible, and in some cases faintly ridiculous. He even claims to have initiated the TUDS (Thames Urban Development Strategy) - that is one I would have thought he would have been wise to avoid - remember the expensive consultants report recommending traffic lights on Queen Street, and the replacement of pensioner housing with multi-story units, let alone the swimming pool in Goldfields? - 'nuff said!

Strat as usual deludes himself - he is a nice cuddly old gentleman, but totally ineffective at the Council table - proven over and over during the course of his tenancy on both Council and Board, but continues to see himself as essential to the future of Thames - spare me Strat - give someone else a go for a change. 

Neither Simpson nor Christie have thought it necessary to use the HH - both to believe that their supposed reputations will insure them from the opprobrium of having opted for the French led "TCDC Team." Ads. that stood out include Dal Minogue for WRC, Conal Buchanan for Hauraki Mayoralty - he may give long-standing Mayor John Tredgidga a real shake, and not before time - John's ad. reeks of complacency, and Dirk Sieling's is a blatant magnet for the recreational fishing vote - admittedly substantial. I thhink Dirk considers his farmer support 'sewn uo.'

Other good ones include that of Murray Wakelin, Clancy Nixon and Catherine Croft who probably unintentially appear linked for the TCB vote. My only concern about Catherine is her apparent support forgetting rid of fluoride, but she cannot do much damage now in that regard with the switch made by Government to Health Boards to relieve them of that problem. Wayne Willescroft has also emerged in the HH's listing of candidate profiles. He has a hard road to knock the "TCDC Team" off their pedestal, but good luck to him. 

I did meet Sandra Goudie in the street today, and she appeared 'chipper' and on the ball! She was regretting having missed the HH today, but will catch it next week when there will still be plenty of votes to garner. She has had a good respponse all around the Peninsula, if muted in Whitianga where McLean is calling the tune for Peter French. French will probably opt for the same course, but his stiff stance leaning on a gate post won't sway too many I suspect.

The word on the street is that people have had enough of the Leach regime, and the repeat of the Waikato Times panegyric on the front page of the HH today won't have helped French. The relief of being able to have a fresh beginning is palpable in many areas of the District, even if Leachy considers himself beyond reproach.




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Reader Comments (7)

Very easy to be negative about candidates, but the diatribe Strat put in the HH today is about the worst piece of political writing that has ever graced my eyes. Seriously, what Strat claims to magic moments whilst controlling the tiller at the Thames Community board for the past six years are mostly items he should hang his head in shame about.
Take TUDS, all those crazy ideas about traffic lights in Pollen Street, viewing platforms at Bella street, and so on.
What ever happened to the Blueprint document of the 2007-10 Council, of which he was a member, with excellent ideas to redevelop Thames CBD, but discarded to the four winds by Strat and his co-horts??
One would think after being on Council for 6 years then Community Board for another 6, that anything which could have been done under his watch would have been done , but no, Strat needs more time!!
As for the 'Team TCDC', this is a con and there is no place in small Councils such as ours for such a ploy. We need Councillors who act independantly , not as a block, following party orders. If all those standing on the 'Team' were to be elected then what hope would there be for the two Councillors who are not involved and standing as independants?
Keep 'Teams' out of local Government.
For me, I am voting for a fresh look, fresh ideas, and for councillors who can stand on their own two feet and think. Councillors who are not motovated by power or money but the desire to serve the Comunities they live in.
And as a parting thought, I bet Strat will have already broken rank with his team and offered to work with the other Mayoral candidate and the independant Councillors, though if I am wrong -sorry Strat.

September 16, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterThamesite

Your reaction to my article was very predictable and anticipated... but in my opinion shortsighted and uninformed
Personally I am sick of the constant unfair criticisms and negative outlook as shown in this blog as has very little to contribute to our community best interests - other than put downs and unfair statements......esp when referenced to individuals that work very hard and do great jobs to make Thames a better place . We do our best Bill and people are entitled to judge me and as you say thats politics. People judge your blog and it is fast loosing credibility with majority people because of this type of blog........... That is a shame because I concede you could have a lot to offer!.

It is a shame that you have taken such a narrow view of the Thames Urban Development Strategy by singling out Pedestrian Lights or Traffic Lights! Some of the initiatives need to go thru robust testing of being right or not right, and pedestrian lights to solve movements crossing Queen St is one initiative that is questionable!?. The best thing is the big picture vision has been fully mandated by Thames Community Board and aspects being implemented via activity plans and especially Thames Promotion Strategy etc . It has also been picked up by Health Waikato and subject to a special paper and positive review in terms of the vision and contribution it could give to the health & wellbeing of our Thames community. It is also being picked up by our new CEO as a good urban plan for Thames and needing progression. The only diatribe is coming from your bloggers that cannot put a name to themselves and whats worse blog like Thamesite has in this blog. I have my suspicion as to who this person is.

As for references to the TCDC- Team each individual candidate is voted for independently by our voters, team or no team. Be in our community will look at who they think will best represent Thames & District. Just because I support the Team does not mean someone else supports all of the team. Their are some other outstanding candidates that I personally feel would do a great job as well and the good thing is that they have come forward with interest..

As for me using the HH to write an article- that was my choice of wanting to tell the electorate in more detail of whats happening . I hate statements of 4-5 bullit points. I thought it important enough to do so.. Their is nothing in the article that cannot be achieved and 70% of it is about what is already being achieved...........

In response to blogger Thamesite,The TCB tiller is not controlled by me but is part of a democratic decision making process by Community and Local Government representatives, All our work plans and budgets are endorsed by this democratic process

If you want to arrange a meeting to break down every aspect of my article and these things and otherv thoughts going on for Thames I would welcome opportunity to do so. Then you can make more informed conclusions. But that opportunity is fast disappearing with too much water under the bridge!? .........I am proud of those achievements for Thames thus far. and stand strongly to progress them. We will all know in 3 weeks and whatever happens we should end up with a reasonable Council.

Strat Peters

September 16, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterStrat Peters

Thamesite raises an interesting point about the likelihood of 'block voting' by the 'TCDC team' should they all get elected - can we expect the elected member(s) to vote independently, or 'toe the party line' when voting? It might be reasonable to assume that having aligned themselves into a team each candidate would be likely to support the party line - the Mayor's policy position.
My thinking is perhaps unintentionally supported by Strat who seeks to assure readers that because each candidate in voted for individually they are free to exercise to own preference in voting, and are not subjected to undue influence by the 'ticket' that saw them elected - me thinks thou doth protesteth too much?
The question might be; is democracy being subverted to the interests of those seeking election rather than supporting the interests of those doing the electing?

September 16, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterRussell

Sorry Strat--you have lost me on your 'team' explaination.
Either you do not understand the rationale behind the term 'Team' or you are being deliberately obtuse.
If it quacks like a duck it probably is a duck. Strat you are involved in a team along with 3 others, as i in Mercury Bay and Whangamata.
Surely that is why you went to the candidates meeting in Whangamata to support your 'team' leader is it not?
At some stage those on Team TCDC must have ALL agreed to a certain political stance and one would expect that as a 'team' you will follow that dogma, whatever it is! If Team TCDC all get elected [Heavan forbid] then it only leaves Coromandel councillor and one from Whangamata as independant voices in the chamber -- that my friend is not democracy, no matter how you flip the egg.
I would have thought you ALL stood on a ticket with the hope that the 'ticket/team' is elected-if not why bother calling yourselves a 'team'??
I do not share your thought Strat that they are all good candidates just because they put their name forward but then that is the wooly thinking that besets you. Whether you are elected as a team or as an individual Strat, good luck, but my vote is for the independants- the free thinkers, the true men of steel [sorry Helen!] not the lame duck 'team'.

September 16, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterThamesite

Heaven help us Strat - your unintelligible clap-trap is only exceeded by your inability to accept criticism. You have not provided one shred of evidence that my comments were incorrect. You simply don't seem to understand just how far off the mark your efforts have been, and as for your denial of the "Team" approach - are have to be kidding - a Team is a Team, is a Team, and yours is a Team - you chose to join it it and now you have to live with it. As Thamesite says, if that is not the case, why were you at Whangamata supporting French? You are dead-weight Strat, though I concede that you will probably get in for reasons that have nothing to do with your past performance on either Council or Board.

As for your comments regarding the blog - that simply shows that you you still fail to understand what it all about, and my readership numbers have been steadily climbing as we approach the election. You seem to believe that it should be providing background applause - if so, think again. It is there to criticise, and praise as and when appropriate - my choice! And one I preserve by not standing for Council. Think about it - I run a blog - not the Hauraki Herald! If you don't like it - don't read it - it won't effect readership by more than one from a current total of 1,850, who probably all vote.

September 16, 2016 | Registered CommenterBill Barclay

Yes you run a blog Bill and good luck to you and by the comments I receive by posting a comment to you just gives credibility to the few bloggers that do comment to have a go at me
The blogger and you appear to be confused and putting your own interpretation on my statement "Each individual............
What I said was that "Each individual candidate is voted for independently, team or no team" and nothing more and nothing less. What that means to me is that when the voting papers come out with candidate profiles with the individual list of candidates you vote on them individually. Very simple really!
However this simple statement has been extended into meaning behind " Your TCDC-Team." etc and your voter preferences to undermine the team. For clarity it means I support the "Your TCDC Team" that is behind the Peter French Mayoralty campaign. It also means that I fully support Peter French for Mayor with every reason that is best choice for this District going forward. You have your reasons to support Sandra Goudie and seemingly all those candidate not named in the TCDC Team !?..... and you will vote for them individually on the ballet paper I assume and fair enough !?
Not much more I can say really

Anyway let the election run its course Bill and lets hope we end up with a very good Council regardless of who is elected
Good that your Blog has now 1850 readers!!?? Hope we can move on now and work to make Thames and Coromandel better place, you blogging and I will be hoping as a Councillor for Thames Ward. Good Luck Bill


September 18, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterStrat Peters

I will reply to one matter and one matter only on your comments Strat, because the remainder is beyond my understanding.
The issue that concerns me surrounds your exclamation and question marks following refernece to my claim of 1,850 readers.
For your information, because you are probably unaware of how this is calculated, the statistics of all blogs are maintained independently by the service provider - in my case Squarespace Services, based in New York. Squarespace provides me with many calculations, but the main ones are the daily views - in my case between 250 and 400, and the monthly audience - this relates to the last 30 days and records the number of individual comupter views - in other words, not repeat views from the same computer. That is the 1,850 audience figure I indicated - it changes from day to day depending on the figures of the day off and day on - so it varies from around 1,700 to 1,900 in my case - admittedly more at this time of greater interest, and less say over the Christmas period. I thought it necessary to bring this to your attention to remove any doubts that you may have, and if they remain, I am prepared to provide the proof by way of a screen-shot. But I trust that is not necessary - we may disagree on a range of issues, but I have always enjoyed a high level of mutual trust with you.
Bill .

September 19, 2016 | Registered CommenterBill Barclay

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