Hahei Ratepayers 'Spot-on' Election Special
Sunday, September 18, 2016 at 11:51AM
Bill Barclay

As usual, John North and the Hahei Ratepayers Association have nailed their election coverage with the following Election Special. You will notice that they ask all the right questions of candidates regarding their concerns for their area, anbd in a very fair manner summarise the answers

I have long been impressed with the the efforts of this group to keep its community well informed, unlike so many others on the East Coast that are dominated by Waterway's and National Party interests. The pervasive hand of Harold Abrahamson and the Hoppers can be seeen behind all the coverage elsewhere. As for the Hauraki Herald - the least said the better - starting with their pathetic front-page repeat of a Waikato Times story from the previous week. How that Leach 'oil-painting' helps Peter French and his "TCDC Team" will play out in the weeks ahead.  

I admire Sandra Goudie  for the manner in which she calls up all her old support base, but eschews the National Party machine that appears to have thrown its support behind French, McLean, Fox. Bartley & Co. The local "TCDC Team" seem to have been disbanded, and Strat Peters has a new definition for "Team" that should interest the Oxford English Dictionary. (see comments on "HH on the Street" below. 

Here is the Hahei Ratepayers Special:

Elections 2016 - Candidates Responses to our Questionnaire

As a service to the people of Hahei, we sent all the candidates a questionnaire to help understand their position of key Hahei issues. The questionnaire was divided into 3 sections -

  1. Information about the candidate (education, business experience etc.)
  2. General views on local government
  3. How they will address Hahei issues.

You can read the questionnaire here.

All candidates have now responded and you can read their complete responses by clicking on the links below.
We strongly recommend you read their complete responses. However, at the risk of offending every candidate, here is a brief summary of some their responses.


Mayoral Candidates - Peter French and Sandra Goudie are the only candidates for Mayor. There complete responses can be found here. Key points are

  • Peter French is offering a continuation of the leadership team we have had for the last 6 years. He emphasizes the need to resolve infrastructure deficiencies in Hahei. However it is worth noting that he supported the 100 Acres development and The Walk.
  • Sandra Goudie proposes to refocus on core infrastructure; her view is that initiatives outside core infrastructure should be led by the local community. She aims to ensure that we have representation on the Walk Governance Board, and support the development of the Hahei Community Plan.
  • Both candidates support a review of sewage treatment in Hahei to protect our beautiful bay. 

Council Candidates/Mercury Bay Ward - For Council we have a choice between, the incumbent team of Tony Fox and Murray Mclean, or if you would like a change, you can choose, Lesley McCormick, Debbie Farrell or Len Salt. Click on their names to see their responses.

Community Board Candidates Mercury Bay -All the current Community Board Members are standing again. That is Paul Kelly, Bill McLean, Paul Hopkins and Deli Connell. For a change, you can choose from June Bennett, Debbie Farrell, Rekha Giri-Percival or Chris Twemlow (no response). Click on their names to see their responses.

Waikato Regional Council Candidates - We are fortunate the have 6 candidates to choose from. We sent them a slightly modified questionnaire, and you can see their responses by clicking on their names.

Mark Alloway (no response), Clyde Graf (Rates Control Team), Brian Habberfield (Independent),  Liam Kedzlie, Dal Minogue, and Dirk

Choosing the right Regional Council candidate is very important. Their decisions can have a material impact on our environment, so choose carefully. We reccoment you choose a candidate who knows Mercury Bay and Hahei extremely well.



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