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"The Politics of Pain"

The Washington based Centre for Public Integrity, with New Zealander Peter Bale as its Chief Executive is always at the forefront of major integrity issues - remember 'The Panama Papers?'

The latest in regard to nefarious activities of international drug companies who are attempting to restrict government action at every level in the US to control the distribution of opioids such as OxyContin is typical.

Why should we be interested you may ask? Well, the influx of opioids onto our streets as another heroin precursor is just around the corner, and unless their use can be controlled now, before they  become the problem that they clearly are already in the US, we are fated to follow the same course.

I don't mind re-printing their appeal - read this extract to get the message:

The Politics of Pain

Big PHARMA and its allies have spent millions of dollars on a 50-state strategy designed to weaken measures aimed at addressing a crippling opioid addiction crisis in America. The Center for Public Integrity, in partnership with the Associated Press, traced contributions from drugmakers to politicians and advocacy groups who fought limits on drugs such as OxyContin, Vicodin and fentanyl that have contributed to the deaths of more than 165,000 people since 2000.

Support our Work

Drug companies have reaped enormous profits from opioid painkillers that can lead to addiction to other dangerous drugs, including heroin.
On Sunday, September 18, the Center and the Associated Press launched a two-day series on the politics behind the ongoing opioid addiction epidemic. We collected and analyzed campaign finance and lobbying data covering 2006 through 2015 on drugmakers and their allies who participated in a little-known national coalition called the Pain Care Forum. We reviewed hundreds of documents and interviewed more than 150 officials, experts, advocates and others to gain insights into how the political process influenced the response to the opioid epidemic. The following Politics of Pain pieces show what we found in this seven-month project:

To date, our opioid project has appeared on at least 145 front pages across the country, with at least 69 Sunday front pages and 76 front pages today.
We are deeply proud of this work, but we need your support to keep it going. Please make a contribution to the Center for Public Integrity today in support of the work we do. We need your help to tackle these and other stories of our time.
Thank you.

Peter Bale, Chief Executive Officer



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