Fluoride Issue Just Hangs In There!
Thursday, September 29, 2016 at 10:29AM
Bill Barclay

The folowing was reported in the LG News Bulletin:

"In a decision with ramifications for local authorities around the country, the Court of Appeal has ruled South Taranaki District Council’s proposal to fluoridate its water supply is lawful. The decision follows court action by a lobby group, New Health, in the High Court and Court of Appeal, where it claimed that local authorities had no right to put fluoride in water supplies.  

The group also claimed that adding fluoride to water supplies breached the New Zealand Bill of Rights.  In its decision today, the Court of Appeal ruled both local government and health legislation allowed councils to add fluoride to water supplies.  It said that parts of the country had been doing that since 1956."

But don't imagine for one moment that the opponents are ready to give up the battle - they are a committed bunch, with very deep pockets, and simply because the Government has sent the whole issue to District Health Boards in a thoroughly gutless reaction to small councils coming under pressure, does not mean that it has been put to bed.

Just wait for "sleepers" to emerge afetr the election on the DHB's, who will attempt to subvert any existing fluoride arrangements. It was interesting to note that at the Thames Candidate Meeting on 17 September, a question on candidate attitudes to fluoride got through the T3 selection process - hardly surprising in the circumstances. 

Clancy Nixon alone rushed to the mic. to claim that the issue had been "put to bed" by the Referendum, and should be left there. Diane Connors and Catherine Croft equivocated, just as you would expect, and indicated that they were in favour of "personal choice." In other words - $10k non-fluoridated water taps around the town for those who imagined the stuff was killing them, and don't think I jest - a substantial number of anti-fluoridationists really believe that.

So having those two on the Community Board will almost certainly see the issue rear its ugly head once more at substantial likely cost to rate-payers in order to satisfy this demand. 

I am really bored stiff with the whole stupid argument, as I am sure are most of my readers, but believe me, it won't go away, now or ever, so stand ready to man the ramparts when it comes up again, as it most surely will. It is not sufficient to keep these two off the Board - they deserve our support regardless of the fluoride argument - aggravating, I know!



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