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Hearings on Changes on Fluoride Control From Territorial Authorities to DHBs On 2 February  

The Hearings on the changes from Territorial Authorities control to District Health Boards by the Parliamentary Health Select Committee takes place on 2 February.

You may place your submission before the Committee from this site -ttps://

Please make a submission - the anti-Fluoride brigade are in full flight and making hundreds of submissions through their website.

It is important to make the point that our Government should be taking the matter into their own care, rather than 'copping-out' with the DHB device - the antis will play it to the hilt by trying to 'stack' the DHBs with their own supporters in the future with this solution. But it is better than the present situation at least. 

Both Dianne Connors and Catherine Croft on the current Community Board indicated their support for getting rid of fluoride in pre-elction meetings, and so I fully expect the matter to be raised again before too long in the absence of the change proposed by the Government.

They will undoubtedly propose access to fuoride free water in the town - an outrageously expensive solution to meet the unreasonable demands of a few constituents who can easily access fluoride-free bottled water to meet their needs.

The 70:30 result of the referendum should have satisfied these people, but they will never 'give-up' - that is clear.

Here is my submission:

“I wish to comment on the Fluoridation bill being proposed.

I wish to make it clear that I am totally in favour of the proposal to remove determination of the use of added fluoride to water supplies from district authorities to DHB's. But at the same time I wish to express my total dissatisfaction with the refusal of central Government to take upon itself this responsibility, and impose rules for the entire country.

One surely does not to re-litigate the need for, and benefits of fluoride - that is now scientifically proven beyond debate, and Government should have the courage to undertake this role, given the history of attempts by anti-fluoride groups to gain positions on councils by way of 'single-issue' campaigns, and confusing the electorate with totally unsupportable claims.

Efforts should be made in this bill to ensure that this cannot be achieved now through manipulation of DHB elections - possibly by making them totally Government appointed positions. The current voting system in use is confusing, and unsustainable alongside district authority elections in any case. 

Regardless, I wish to indicate support for this bill as a first step to either central Government determination, or fully Government appointed DHBs.”



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