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'Farenheit 421' To Farenhold - Not So Far Fetched!'

For those of us with much long (but little short) term memory, Francois Truffant's 1966 dystopian thriller 'Farenheit 451' was part of my generations sudden introduction into the realities of post-war society wherin we were being subverted, and not so subtly manipulated. I can remember being immensely disturbed by the film, just as I had been by his 1959 debut movie '400 Blows.' It is irrelevant that many of my generation became lifelong devotees of the timeless Truffant genre - seek them out on Netflix!

Moving on, I found it extraordinarily coincidental that the funniest and most disturbing article to emerge from the Trump 'victory' is that which appeared today in the Washington Post'  under the byline of their top political reporter - David A. Fahrenhold, who broke the story on Trumps imaginary 'donations.' of some $12m that he used to such good effect during the campaign.   

I need not detail the story of his investigations - read it! I am sure that you will get the same feelings as I when he draws together the various strands of Trumps campaign based on the phenomena of almost totally false 'news.' He does not even attempt to draw conclusions from the manner in the voters within the critical 'rust-belt' states were manipulated into victory for Trump. That is a matter of fact about which we are now far better informed. 

What is far more disturbing is the totally predicable appointments that Trump has subsequently made to his administration, and this is where the connection with 'Farenheit 421' becomes ever more disturbing, given his utterly shallow character, and inability to see beyond a reflexion of himself from inside his self-generated bubble.

There are elements within the US military/industrial/banking complex to whom he has turned who would have no hesitation in exercising power in the manner described in Fahrenheit 451 - a tenuous connection, but no less valid, and one which about I suspect Trump would be totally unaware, given his penchant towards leaving his subordinate protagonists to sort out issues while he 'twitters,' oblivious as to consequences. 

Four years, eight years - what does it matter?




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