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Holidays Are Over!

We have been away in the South Island, and was staggered at the manner in which irrigation based dairying has penetrated every corner of Canterbury, and secondly, the manner in which every aspect of life in the South Island is subsumed to the demands of tourism.

But most of all, I was staggered by the rebuild process in Christchurch since we were last there trhree years ago. It is quite mazing what has been achieved - they will end up with an insurance funded city that will be one of the most modern on earth - including infrastructure and underground services. This has been achieved against the background of complaints and 'bad news' dominated media.

Take my word - it aint necessarily so! The only prominent buildings that I could see that remain to be tackled are the Cathedral and the Provincial Chambers. The Town Hall restoration is well under way, and will be completed in 2018. Residents are stoic about the sports grounds, but few appear to want the so-called stadium built. Gerry Brownlee still ha to make up his mind about the giant Convention Centre - that is still a huge empty lot off North Colombo St.

But there is an air of optimism about the place that I never detected in 2013, and activity everywhere. Someone must be paying for all this - some homeowners have done particularly well out of the re-build, and there are a far higher peoportion of new cars around that I have seen elsewhere. Fendalton and similar suburbs looks as if they have been completely restored to all their glory.

Apart from that, we has a wonderful theree days at Hanmer Springs, and travelled on the Trans-Alpine - what a journey! If you get the opportunity, take it - it is extremely well done by NZ Railways - probably subsidised, but a great journey nevertheles.

Am home again ready for the fray, starting with a Community Board Workshop today which will consider Denis Tegg's public transport proposal - can't wait.

I will post something later on the WRC Aquaculture proposall the came out a week ago, and I will endeavour to track down what has happened with the Hauraki Gulf Forum proposal, and the Hauraki Settlement.

Should be an interesting year!



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