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Scottish Farmed Salmon Industry - A Warning!

This story from the magazine of the Atlantic Salmon Federation is extremely instructive.

This is the industry organisation's own magazine, and the story relates to the fact that a quarter of the salmon farmed in Scotland this year - 10million in all, have had to be destroyed - "because of diseases, parasites and other problems."

Read the story to to get the full picture - it is extremely disturbing, and indicative of the consequences of inadequate oversight, and appalling management practices by the owners of the farms involved.  

“The salmon farming industry has lost the ability to control fish diseases and this results in escalating quantities of toxic chemicals being poured into the sea in an increasingly fruitless attempt to control them. It also inevitably leads to the release of an infectious soup of disease organisms into our coastal waters.”

“This is something which the industry takes very seriously and is working hard to minimise. Disposal of mortalities is managed in line with the government’s approved methods and legislation.”

Marine Harvest insisted it had been “very transparent” about the issues it had been facing with sea lice and amoebic gill disease (AGD). “We would clearly prefer if we had not had this level of mortalities,” said the company’s business support manager, Steve Bracken.

This is just another example of the inadequacy of current marine farming methods - it is something that the team of boosters at Waikato Regional Authority, and the Department of Primary Industry should be prepared to explain as they set about establishing such an industry in the northern Gulf. 




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