A New Day Dawns 
Friday, October 20, 2017 at 9:21AM
Bill Barclay

The moment I head Mike Hosking's tirade on the NZH this morning, it became clear that everything he had predicted had fallen flat, much to his chagrin, and that he was determined to paint the new situation in the worst possible light.

His views are as relevant as those of the Australian's Greg Sheridan who has shouldered the unhappy task of translating Rupert Murdoch's views ro the Australian people for some twenty years. His headline this morning -

"Trust the kiwis. The thought of perhaps 10 years of good government was ultimately unbearable for them."

The total inability of Australian writers to come to grips with the intricacies of MMP, let alone the length of National's rule is very evident throughout both Fairfax and Murdoch papers this morning, along with their fascination with "Jacindarmania" a term that seems to have thankfully disappeared on this tide of the Tasman. 

Jacinda would do well to let Julie Bishop stew in her own juice while she sorts out how to put her initial reaction to the Barnaby Joyce affair behind her - just deal with Turnbull in the meantime, and ignore her until she seeks to display a little contrition. That may take some time, as suggested by the Australian's other leading writer, and former head of Foreign Affairs - Dennis Shanahan.  

In fact, despite all the wildly inaccurate predictions in the media, Winston has displayed a totally consistent tendency to favour disruption - he has done so every time in the past when he has had the opportunity, and he has done it again now to very good effect.

I expect him to take the Deputy job, and fill in for Jacinda during the term when she does what comes naturally and takes time off to have a child - that is not sexism, simply reality, and would satisfy both their natural desires - his to retire with a period as PM under his belt, and hers to  beat the time-clock that every young woman faces at this stage of life.

I thought Jacinda's performance last evening was remarkable, even out-shining Winston's delayed exposition on the state of the World's, and by extension, New Zealand's economy. Some may consider her experience level totally inadequate in dealing with Winston, but I formed exactly the opposite view. I think that she displayed an almost faultless performance in dealing with both NZF and the Greens.

Who would have guessed that only three of the Greens 150 delegates would have opposed the  Agreement last evening -  I would have expected a far greater level of opposition  from the hard left Metiria group, determined to 'hold the line.' Their invidious position 'outside of Cabinet' will restrict their ability to get their most important policies implemented, but 'half-in' is still far better than 'all-out.'   They will get frustrated, but at least there will be greater acknowledgement of climate change, and the environment around the Cabinet table, and that should keep them on side.

There are very interesting times ahead, but overall, I think we can expect better and fairer outcomes, and a performance from Jacinda that will make us all proud to be New Zealanders once again. Comments on portfolio allocations later!




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