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The Climate Change Price Tag

Just a reminder - the 'climate change' argument still proceeds on - relentlessly, and while Donald Trump would prefer to ignore it, a congressional watchdog has issued a warning about its rapidly becoming inevitable price tag.

This Report relates to the US, but is easily extrapolated to our situation - we are all in this, and it is interesting that lal recent US reports on the subject draw attention to the Antarctic Ice Shelf melting as the major danger facing the entire planet. 

I urge you to read Dino Grandoni's report on this bipartisan Congressional warning to Trump.




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Reader Comments (1)

It is of note to observe the Local Government CE banging about the need for substantial infrastructure modifications that will be necessary in order to defeat climate change impacts. This infrastructure is valued (it was stated) at $20 billion - that is going to be one heck of a replacement cost me thinks....
Most helpfully he was quick to say (on tonight's news) that rate-payers can expect to bear most/all the cost of mitigation efforts with central Government expected to contribute very little. He was equally quick to point out, to assuage listeners concerns I guess, that if things were not done now, the cost would be even greater.
The insurance industry, it was noted in passing, paid out $240,000,000 in claims this last financial year for weather impacts.
Given that all of these proposed mitigation efforts will be born on the shoulders on the rate-payer / tax-payer / consumer [one and the same] the effects on the citizens of a low-wage economy will be savage. It is no wonder that this new Government wants to increase the minimum wage to $20 per hour. Someone will have to pay.
It will be intriguing to see who will benefit most from the uber-big investments necessary to put these mitigation efforts in place - probably not Fletchers I might wonder out loud....

October 27, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterRussell

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