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TCDC Annual Report

The final draft will go before Council on Tuesday. It bis a good document that shows that Council has met all all its financial, most of its physical targets, but stuff-all of its economic development tragets.

It is interesting to note that the incorporated Auditor General Report is dated 25 October 2016 - it covers the year to 30 June 2016. and states inta alia that his Report "is the date at which our opinion is expressed." 

This is quite extraordinary - the Report itself relates to the 2016/2017 year, but the Audit Report relates to the previous year. I guess this standard practice, but nevertheless, comment that the Audit Report is virtually useless as a check on the current year to 30 June 2017.

Another section of the Report that I find quite extraordinary is the comment on "Economic Development" in the following terms:

"We were successful n our application to the Government for its extension of the Ultra-Fast Broadband programme. Six of our communities were included in 151 areas chosen. These include Thames, Te Puru, Coromandel Town, Whitianga, Whangamata and Tairua-Pauanui. Thames is one of the first areasto havethis installed with the others following over the next seven years.

Funding was provided for a stall at the Auckland Food show where five artisan food businesses paid to sell their wares. The stand was designed and dressed as a "Coromandel Bach" and each exhibitor had their own space to showcase their products with tastings and sales. More than 30,000 foodies flocked to the show this year. Attendance at the show helps to promote the 2017 Coromandel Food Trail Guide which aims to attract tourists to the array of cafes, restaurants and artisans food producers on offer around peninsula.

We also opened a newly built track as part of our Coromandel Walks project which branches off the existing Cathedral Cove  Walk and provides a loop return, with a viewing platform about halfway down the track."

That is the full extent of what has been achieved and that our Council feels necessary to report after all the Leach ballyhoo, and Economic Development Committee on which so much of our precious resources were expended with literally nothing to show for the effort. Sandra did well to get rid of it, and all its appendages, but the fact remains that our economic development achievement has been nothing short of abysmal. A new staff member has been appointed to oversee the process - we are yet to see any results from that.

Another notable entry that will bring about wry smiles around the town, and continuing concern as to the competence of Council staff who have overseen the disaster:

"We have also almost completed the Indoor Sports Facility at Thames High School. For many years, sports clubs and the high school have been constrained by the limited facilities available in the Thames area for indoor sports. High school teams and community sports clubs have been competing for the limited space and time available and this situation has not allowed for programme growth. The $5.5 million facility is a joint project of between Council, Thames High School and the Thames Sport and Education Community Trust."

I won't go on about this debacle - it must be sufficiently embarrassing for all concerned without me adding to their misery.

The remainder of the Report in ineffably upbeat, and their is not much to argue with on that score, but the failure to open projects like the Kopu - Miranda section of the Railtrail on time must be causing conniptions. Hopefully that will not be too far away, but we remain totally ignorant as to the financial performance of the Railtrail, which Council will again confirm as an "exempted" Council Controlled Organisation" on Tuesday. We will continue to be kept in the dark, I guess. 




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