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Biosolid Composter Costs

I received the following information fo Laurna White this morning in regard to the Composter costs since its inception:

"As requested here's a breakdown of the figures for the biosolid composter since 2007.

There is also a project page which has the history and reports of the project on our webpage

Year                  Cost (Capex & Opex)

2007/08            $185,954

2008/09              426,543

2009/10              795,385

2010/11              506,,812

2011/12              218,564

2012/13                71,879

2013/14              210,607

2014/15              112,850

2015/16                73.560

2016/17               317,185

201718                  19,968

   Total              $2,939,307

That was one expensive little exercise to which must be added the cost of dismantlement and disposal, and restoration of the site. 

There is no way that the recently appointed Group Manager,  Infrastructure - Bruce Hinson,  can avoid taking substantial responsibility for this debacle - he has been at the wheel right from its outset in John Whittle's time, and it needs to be acknowledged as a 'major fail' - no excuses. Audit NZ, and Deloitte's (internal auditors) should also take some reponsibility for not asking the right questions from the outset

Rate-payers are again bearing the cost, and it is simply not good enough. No project, particularly as innovative as this should be undertaken without a proper business case that has been adequately 'peer-reviewed' appropriate to its size and cost. Rate-payers I have spoken to are rightly indignant at what has happened in this instance.

I have every confidence that Rob Williams will implement processes to ensure that this never happens again. His concern for process and costs has become very evident. 




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Reader Comments (1)

With all due respect, there could be more to it than a drawing the obvious conclusion from figures provided as to the validity of the decision to scrap this service. A cost benefit analysis deep in the warrens of the council website showed that depending on what was added to the scale there was not a lot in it when comparing trucking the treated sewage across the Coro to the WM plant at Kerepehi or dealt with environmentally here on the east coast. Report at end of Council Infrastructure Minutes.

October 4, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterChris Twemlow

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