Too Many Chiefs - Not Enough Indians!
Sunday, October 8, 2017 at 12:01PM
Bill Barclay

Here is comment on the Council Reorganisation post from a few days ago:

"From what I understand, this restructure has indeed stripped out a lot of fat but along with that has been the loss of many jobs of the 'worker bees' which has not been made public. I was also dismayed to hear recently that there has now been several more layers of middle management put in place under each of these groups. I'm not sure what the reasoning is behind making such a top heavy organisational structure but in my experience that has never been a good or successful strategy. Too many chiefs and not enough indians is what you may find happening here in the long run."

 I have no idea of the identity of the commenter, but he/she does appear to have inside knowledge not available to the normal rate-payer. As usual, we can expect the details of the new structure to be kept 'under cover,' and will only leak out over time.

But in support of what the commenter has said, here are four positions that relate to the Thames Area office that we know about because of names and positions on papers that have gone to the Community Board recently:

Thames Area Administrator- Charmian Neill

Community Manager Thames - Brian Robson

Area Manager (Thames) - Gary Towler

Community Coordinator - Larissa Doherty

It does seem a little 'top heavy,' and if this is repicated elsewhere around the District, it may be time time for a 'review.'

I am not even sure that the above constitutes the full list - there are others who pop-up from time to time relating to particular projects.

I trust that Mr Williams is watching our interests now that he has completed his 'level 2' review!




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