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Steampunk Parade - A Triumph!


The parade today. coming on top of a wonderful exhibition at the Tararu Art Gallery, and much vaunted the same venue, is a total vindication of the support that has been given this festival.

The town was humming today like on no other recent occasion. It is hard to estimate but it seemed to me that the attendees from outside this area vastly exceeded the locals attending. The level of 'dressing' was quite remarkable, and it seems to me that the extraordinary efforts of the Steampunk shop in Grahamstown over the last few months were visible every step of the way. But beyond that, hundreds of people went out of their was to dress appropriately for the occasion which fortunately stayed dry. 

The level of the machinery exhibits was extraordinarily high - what devotion, what ingenuity, what engineering miracles were on display, and some even worked! Remarkable - the impression was that some exhibitors had been working since the momentay that last parade was over to perfect their devices, and vehicles. The impression was that the entire town turned out to admire their handiwork, and everyone appeared to be on the end of some form of photographic device to record the day.

Great effort, and congratulations to all concerned. Photos courtesy of Chris Mayer Plummer.




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Reader Comments (2)

Great comment Bill and right on the mark.
The Friday and Saturday functions at the Bella Street Pumphouse were also sold out and very well received by participants. There were people from Picton, Carterton, Whangarei, Tauranga and Wellington in attendance so that it can be reasonably assumed that there was an excellent attendance by a large number of people over the four days of events from outside the Waikato region. I spoke to a couple from the U.K. who had planned their New Zealand holiday around the Steampunk Festival.
The skill and creativity witnessed in the costumes present at the Bella Street functions was simply outstanding. It was very evident that some of the out of town attendees were going to book accommodation straight away for the 2018 festival. The parade, as witnessed from the Armistice ceremony at the monument, looked very impressive and the crowd outside the R.S.A. was fantastic. People were talking very excitedly about the success of the events.
Well down the Steampunk the Thames organizers; and the people of Thames, who were out in large numbers to support the four-day programme of events.

November 12, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterRussell

I was at the Steam Punk Carnival & Circus at Danby Field on the Saturday, another of the many Steam Punk related events over the four days of the festival. I was just amazed at the various performing groups and individuals. The costumes, the performances, all top class. The rides were free for children, and while the weather was at times threatening the attendance was steady throughout the afternoon. Huge organizational effort by Diane & Sam Connors [ not to forget Brian ] Impressive non stop entertainment from 3 til 7. Lots dressed for the occasion. Most of the people I spoke to had come some distance. Theres a revenue potential for wide awake business people especially in the food & beverage area. Many will not realise the work that goes in to make these events happen and the huge number of events.

November 16, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterRobert Jeffares

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