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Rod Oram Takes It To Fonterra

If you are in the camp that remains steadfastly dubious of Fonterra's claims, and goals for the future of New Zealand dairy farming, do not miss listening to this podcast of Cathrine Ryan's Rod Oram interview from yesterday.

It is an absolute classic that demonstrates Rod's uncanny ability to come to grips with scientific and PR gobbledygook designed for the specific purpose of pulling the wool over our eyes as to the actual situation our dairy industry if facing, and simply Ignoring. The subject relates to emissions, and carbon credits, and Rod's analysis is extremely disturbing.

I have in the past considered Rod far too closely aligned with the Dairy industry - I recall attending a meeting of dairy farmers that he addressed at Tarua in about 2009 when he appeared 'hugger-mugger' with a number of local dairying luminaries who would have been shocked to hear his most recent position on the future of the industry as outlined yesterday. In fact I would go so far as to say that the huge Fonterra PR machine will be hard at work today trying to pick holes in his arguments.

Take the time to listen - you will not regret it, but you may be shocked, and wonder just where we are heading with out major industry both in regard to both the carbon credits argument, and the disruption likely to be caused by the railway train coming at us called genetic plant based food production, including both milk, and beef.

Don't say you have not been warned.




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