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Reihana Robinson's Anti-1080 Book Launch

Reihana is having a book launch for her new book at Carson's Bookshop at 11am on 9 December and all readers are invited. Tony Brljevich is to do the honours. The Book is "The Killing Nation - New Zealand's State-Sponsored Addiction to Poison 1080."

Note that it is part of a five part series "In Defence of the Coromandel Wild Kingdom" - an environmental and social history.

No, I have not changed my stripes - I remain as implacably in favour of the war on possums using every tool in the box, including 1080. But I greatly respect Reihana, and her views on the matter, and am perfectly happy to promote her book which I am sure will be a valuable contribution to the debate.

And the debate will go on, but I for one remain unconvinced that the "community opposition" is any more that a minority viewpoint, or that "mounting evidence of environmental harm" outweighs the evidence to the contrary.

It remains to be seen which view will prevail, particularly as the new Government has indicated its desire to and eliminate 1080 if at all possible, though this intention appears to be at odds with the position of both Forest and Bird, and Greenpeace on the matter.

I will be in Auckland, and unable to attend, but anyone seeking after the truth should consider going along.


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