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Scott Simpson - Flavour of Cam Slater's Month

Look I did not make this up - it is a direct quote from Cam Slater's Whaleoil post today on Bill English's National reshuffle:

"I would have liked to see Scott Simpson, my longest standing friend in caucus, higher ranked. National needs someone with the sort of mongrel and dirty politics skills he has. He did teach me so much when I was just a kid in Eden electorate and he was in charge of Young Nats. There wasn’t a sign or a fight that couldn’t be knocked over."

We have long known of this embarrassing connection with Scott - for Scott at least, but it is unlikely to improve his chances of further promotion under Bill English. He ended up exactly where he was before with Planning (previously Statistics, Associate Environment and Associate Immigration. That is a long way from the centre of things, and he will struggle to make his voice heard.

But as the old story goes - you are known by who your friends are, and in this case, he is not well served by the Slater connection - innocent or otherwise at the time 'dirty politics' were in play. Scott would do well to consider dis-avowing the connection if he hopes to progress on the National ladder.

He has some major environment issues in this District with climate change in particular that he will need to show some heart for - so far lacking in every respect. He can't simply hide forever behind the skirts of his aging and devoted constituency. The next year will prove decisive in that respect, but I don't hold out much hope of any change.

Hard to imagine him as a "Mongrel, with dirty politics skills, knocking over signs and fights," - boy, he has certainly adapted to the demands of a more bourgeois electorate.




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