Bus Service Starts Monday 4 December
Thursday, November 30, 2017 at 7:00AM
Bill Barclay

Denis Tegg has announced that the new bus service will commence on Monday 4 December. The routes and timetable are all included.

This is wonderful news, and a congratulations are due to Denis - it would not have happened without his imput. I had begun to doubt if it would ever happen after all the delays that occurred., but clearly it was all happening in the background.

It is good that that Thames Taxis won the contract because they will undoubtedly likely to lose taxi business as a result on the introduction of the bus.

All in all, a great result - it only remains for everyone to support the service - leave the car at home.

Just a suggestion - print the timetable front and back of a wallet sized card for distribution to the entire population of the town.






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