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Location Of Sub-Regional Pool

I asked Laurna about the proposed location of the Sub-Regional Pool - an item that is on tomorrows Council Agenda without any explanation.

Here are the questions, and answers:

        1. Did the original project go to tender?

No. Visitor Solutions have been involved with our Council as part of the 'Thames Visitor Promotion & Optimisation Plan' project and have the experience and knowledge required to be involved in the feasibility report. Visitor Solutions also have a close working relationship with Sport Waikato, Sport NZ and HDC.

      2. What is the status or what is presumably the ‘interim’ report on which this request is based?

The original report is titled ' East Waikato Sub Regional Aquatic Facility Feasibility Discussion Report'. The report has been peer reviewed by Sport NZ and subsequently issued in its final version.

      3.  What are the three locations already identified by Visitor Solutions?

  • Bourke Street Refuse Transfer Station site, 
  • close to Rhodes Park,
  • close to the Airstrip site

      4.  On what criteria were these locations selected?

A variety of criteria comprising ease of access, closeness to the main users of the pool, Council land, closeness to existing utility services and others. We can issue you a copy of the report if you would like to request it.

 My only comment is that as Denis Tegg points out, each of the three locations are vulnerable from even moderate sea-level rise.

This does not seem particularly sensible, though Council did approve an additional $15,000 from the additional funding for te investigation of flooding (just don't anyone mention the dreaded words - "sea-level rise," or "climate change") issues, along with $35,000 for geo-technical investigation, $10,000 for potential heritage/archeological issues, and $35,000 for urban design analysis.

Hopefully Denis's concerns will be somewhat allayed by this information. I will try to get a hand on the Report.



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