Irrationality Rules - Okay!
Tuesday, December 12, 2017 at 1:59PM
Bill Barclay

Newsroom has today published an extended story under the byline of Eloise Gibson and Cass Mason: "Drowning dreams: Billions at stake as Government mulss sea level rules"

If you had doubts previously about the sea level rise argument, this article should certainly settle the issue. Many will continue to dispute the rationale behind the rise, but the science appears indisputable, and one can only wonder at the lack of action on the part of our Council to put the issue 'front and centre.' For far too long, the 'backwoodsmen' on our Council have held sway, and prevented any form of adequate response to the threat. Whether through conflict of interest, or straight out deliberate ignorance is hard to tell, but certainly Clr Fox's response to Denis Tegg's warning about the redevelopment of the Whitianga Town Centre just three meetings ago was a salutary demonstration of the this intransigence.

I dont intend to repeat the content of the story hear - it needs to be read from front to back, and digested. Think of the shear obstinacy in our Council that has led to the failure to respond, and just concentrate on the three developments - the mouth of the Kauaeranga at Richmond Village, the aditional Hopper canal development at Whitianga, and the development at the southern end of Cook's Beach. All are vividly described in the article and hint at the blind greed on the one hand that motivates people to propose these developments, and on the other, the failure of Council staff, and elected members to provide resistance that is its clearly its responsibility, even in the absence of discernible action to date by central Government.

I fail to understand the motivation of any of this - do people really believe that their imminent (in the overall scheme of things!) future mortality obviates the need for rationality, or response at this time? If so, then it represents the height of of irresponsibility. Hopefully this article, if distributed widely enough, will bring about urgent change, and action on the part of our Council.





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