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Happy Christmas & New Year

A very happy Christmas and New Year to all readers. It does seem that stories have dried up with the weather.

As a analogue to the year, I would like to be able to report the departure of the unwelcome vistors at the Tararu Arts Centre, but no such luck - they appear to be successfully defying the Court order. Next move is over to the Council - we will soon see their level of resolve, if any!

Otherwise, it has been an uneventful year with Council - they will eventually have to come to terms with the dreaded climate change issue regardless of the in-built resistance - just not this year! And Denis Tegg will remain the necessary concience in that regard. As a side issue, the bus service that will forever be associated with his name is an absolute triumph, and long overdue.

The Zoom Zone Dry Court is the disaster that it was always fated to be, and once again, staff will escape censure, and those behind the venture will hide behind their ample excuses. Based on their performance to date, the handling of the proposed aquatic centre should be taken entirely out of Council hands.

The lighting of the Monument was a marvellous occasion, but the postponement of the Thames WW1 Forest project screams of incompetence and disorganisation, and will remain with many others a Leach legacy that we could all do without. The completion of the Kopu-Kaiaua Cycleway left a great deal to be desired, but is up and running, and looks good, though estimated user numbers appear to have been wildly optimistic as has been the case at all stages of the project. 

The Steampunk was a total success, and those behind it deserve the highest commendation, and there were many organisations associated with it that deserve equal credit. Onwards and upwards on that score, even as other towns endeavour to hop on the band-wagon.

Twentymans cremator, and proposed reception facility area look as if they are on the way, in spite of last minute attempts to sabotage same. Adrian Catran deserves the highest praise for 'sticking to his guns,' and eventually we will all be grateful for the services that he will be able to provide. Those that don't want them can go elsewhere - simple! 

Our town services generally appear to be operating as well as could be expected - we have a lot to be grateful for to those who have gone before us in that regard. The town itself has been through some hard economic times and may be once again looking down the barrel, but there is a great deal of resilience evident, as always, and we will come through.

The change of Government has given us a whole range of new opportunities, just so long as Robertson can keep a check on the exchequer.  The temptation to spend the entire surplus must be very strong. And today's show of defiance by Adern on Trump's blatant threat must be followed through to retain any credibility. Hopefully, Labour will outlast him, and we will see some long overdue reforms implemented. 

And for those of you on your own over Christmas Day don't forget the excellent dinner provided at St James by the 'Place At The Table Trust.' For the seventh year in a row sponsors have responded again most generously, and the 30-40 volunteers again provide their valuable time for the occasion - we need a few more by the way - call Andrea on 0220845585 if you could spare a couple of hours.

I will take a break for a week or two, and once again wish you all the best for the festive season.



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