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Squatter Camp Under Eviction Order

Here is the response to the enquiries that I have been making regarding the squatter camp south of the Tararu Thames Art Centre on Tararu Road.

HI Bill,

So confirming several months ago we were made aware of buildings being constructed on 105 Ash St, along the Thames Coast at Tararu, that does not comply with the Building Act.

Since then we've been working with the person who we understand constructed the buildings, with a notice to fix. As no steps were taken to rectify this, we had to seek a court order for a notice to remove the illegal buildings. The court has now issued a notice to demolish the buildings, which was served late last week. They now have two weeks to comply with the court order to remove any illegal dwellings.

We are also liaising with police and other agencies on the situation.

You will be able to get a copy of the judge's decision from the Thames District Court.

Also, I just wanted to clarify once again your LGOIMA request about Thames Indoor Sports - as maybe I wasn't as clear as I should have been. Our Council always endeavors to get answers to LGOIMAs well ahead of the statutory 20 working days. If we have the information at hand, we provide it as soon as possible, and don't withhold it until the deadline.  



That is it - I could not get a copy of the Judges Decision - I was told that would be an "infringement of the Privacy Act." It matters little - the order is clear, and matters will take their course if they fail to remove themselves. The Council solicitor assures me that the next Court order, if required, would be to ensure immediate removal by Council contractors.

I regret the circumstances that apparently brought about the existence of this camp, but it simply cannot be allowed to become the centre for alternative lifestyles that has grown up, and that has continued to expand in defiance of the law. The family concerned apparently believe that they have 'rights' to the land. That has been shown not to be the case - it is Council reserve,  and now the site will need to be returned to its former state, only with the addition of a variety of Council installed barriers (this work actually commenced today) to ensure that the occupation is not repeated, again. That will be a relief.

Don't be surprised if a rearguard protest action was to break out in relation to the current order. I trust  that Council is ready for that eventuality.



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