Major Event Fund - Update!
Friday, December 8, 2017 at 10:23AM
Bill Barclay

The Major Event Fund Update to be presented to Council on 13 December makes interesting reading indeed.

Readers will no doubt be relieved o hear that5 the Whangamata Oceansports Club (Nauti Girls and Classic fishing tournaments) $17,265.15. This application was unsuccessful as it did not meet the majority of the criteria for Major Events funding.

This indeed is a relief - can you possibly imagine what Nauti Girls and Classic Fishing Event is all about? I would have thought that such an event would have been banned from the calendar of any self-respecting organisation in the year 2018. It reminds you of British seaside post-cards of the 1930's. Can you imagine our Council wanting to even consider being associated with such a 'smutty' description of an event? 

Then we have the list of events for which the Event Co-ordinator is "co-ordinating and facilitating enquiries.":

These are the organisations that presumably consider they have a model that warrants funding by Thames-Coromandel rate-payers because we are a 'soft touch.' Forgive me for being a 'kill-joy,' but I simply fail to understand why most of these potential applicants consider that our funding is warranted. It is outrageous, and the sooner this tap is turned off, or at least tightened, the better.

And did you notice that the famous Leadfoot Festival - the brainchild, and private event run by the redoubtable Rod Millen on his property at Hahei has once again reared its ugly head. (enter Leadfoot into Search to read previous reports) This is the outfit that our previous Mayor notoriously supported through his Economic Development Committee to the tune of $40,000 three or four years ago.

This disgraceful piece of 'boondogling' was followed by his active participation  in the rally - a conflict of interest that appeared to pass everyone by at the time. I suspect that several current councillors may have their fingers in some of the events listed - declarations are a requirement, not an option - a requirement the Mayor should emphasize at the appropriate time.

I trust that the Event Co-ordinator will be required to work under some strict guidelines that should eliminate most of the above, and not before time.




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