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Public Transport Trial for Thames

If the Thames Community Board were to ignore the content of the Denis Tegg presentation that he made on this subject yesterday, they would very unwise.

Our Council has ignored its responsibilities to support public transport as a core role as required under Section 11A of the Local Government Act. It must also take into account the needs of the elderly under Section 35.The Board and Council will need to get its spikes on in order to get the proposal into the Annual Plan due this month.

Both of these requirements have been ignored for far too long.

Denis brought to the table yesterday this most comprehensive presentation that obviates the need for an expensive consultant document - it contains all the information required to get the process of considering the provision of a bus service from Tararu to the Booms under way - in effect, six one hour round trips a day with 30 designated stops radiating from the 'I' Centre. .

The plan was devised by a professional transport expert who Denis persuaded to donate his time. This is great work, and Denis is to be commended for taking the initiative. The cost is minimal, and set out in a very clear fashion in the document. Far too much attention has been paid over recent years to the needs of children (i.e. Dry Court and Skate Park) to the exclusion of the disabled and elderly.

I will refrain from repeating the data that Denis has assembled - go straight to the URL to see for yourself. The data refers only to Thames - the whole District needs attention to this subject, but the very nature of a trial is that it be carried out where need is greatest, and that appears indubitably Thames, if only taking regard of social deprivation and the proportion of elderly residents.

Well done Denis.



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Thanks for the kind comments and your support. I have started a petition - "We Want Public Transport In Thames This Year" here ---

I encourage your readers to sign it, share it and use their networks. They also might want to contact Thames Board members, Councillors and the Mayor and ask that the proposal be actioned. Their email addresses and phone numbers are on the TCDC website.

February 1, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterDenis Tegg

Just a thought but don't we all pay rates to WRC that contribute to a public transport system so wouldn't a subsidy be in order from WRC like the Cathedral Cove shuttle? Or did I miss that in the presentation?

February 1, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterAllie


The Regional Council does not fund the provision of PT but they have to provide a PT Plan for the region. The 51 % funding comes from Central Govt thru NZ Transport Authority. If the PT proposal for Thames gets NZTA funding then the TCDC will pay the project cost less any fares recovered less the NZTA subsidy -- so not much actually. Compared say to roads where there is no equivalent of the bus fare recovery

February 1, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterDenis Tegg

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