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Delving into the Unfathonable

If you are wondering what motivates each side in the apparently unfathomable US conflict that expands each day with White House twitters, and journalistic reaction, look no further that this extract from an article in the right wing publication Frontpage Mag, by Daniel Greenfield, a Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Centre – an equally right wing Washington think tank, edited by David Horowitz whose masthead quote is: “Inside every progressive is a totalitarian  screaming to get out.”

Make what you will of it, but ignore the sentiment at your cost. The World has changed, and everyone needs to understand why. What at first glance may appear trite is worthy of closer examination. Here is Greenfield - remember, it is only an extract:

“If you live in the world of Facebook, Lyft, Netflix and Airbnb, crowding into airports and shouting, "No Borders, No Nations, Stop The Deportations" makes sense. You don't live in a country. You live in one of a number of interchangeable megacities or their bedroom communities. Patriotism is a foreign concept. You have no more attachment to America than you do to Friendster or Myspace. The nation state is an outdated system of social organization that is being replaced by more efficient systems of global governance. The only reasons anyone would cling to nations and borders are ignorance or racism.

The left had come to envision its victory as inevitable. Its leaders enjoyed a secular right of kings bestowed on them by historical materialism. And so they couldn't see the revolution coming.

This isn't really about Muslims. The angry protesters know as little about Islam as they do about rural Iowa. But borders and airports are an important metaphor. President Trump said, "A nation without borders is not a nation." And that's exactly what the left wanted. No borders and no nations.

If you make tangible goods or have a mortgage, you are more likely to want borders and a nation. If on the other hand you deal in intangibles, in strings of numbers, in data on global servers, in movies and music, then borders are an unreal abstraction. If you get your rides from Uber, your house from Airbnb, your entertainment from Netflix and your dates from Tinder, if you don't actually own anything, and have no plans for a family or anything more permanent than a virtual existence, who needs a nation?

People need meaning. It is meaning that gives them a sense of worth. The angry leftist reactionaries find meaning in their post-everything world. The shattering of this world has driven them into the streets. And yet they can't grasp that it was the shattering of their world that drove so many working people to vote for Brexit or Trump. They refuse to comprehend that nations have meaning to more people than their post-national world order of interchangeable multicultural megacities does or that most people want something tangible to hold on to, including land and family, even if it requires labor and sacrifice.”




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