The Alternative View
Friday, February 10, 2017 at 5:29PM
Bill Barclay

The article on which "Delving into the Unfathomable" (below) was based has already drawn off-page comment. I will just say that I see no harm in exploring alternative view-points - unpopular as they may be. Many are emerging on alt. websites in an effort to explain what has been and is currently going on in Washington DC.

I replied to the purveyor of the article in the following terms, and re-print it here if only to remove any doubt about where I stand on the matter. My correspondent will shake his head 'in sorrow more than pity,' and he will continue to forward me provocative articles, I hope!

"I think you have to have regard to the totality of extraordinary behaviour emanating from the White House, and from the astonishing array of people he has assembled.

His response to today's Appeals Court decision puts his contempt for their court system into perspective.- sorry, our way of life, and theirs appears to  rest on a level of respect for the system, however fault-ridden.He appears to have absolutely no understanding of limitations or boundaries on his power, and call it the outcome of Greenfield’s utterly unjustified (in my view) “ left wing victory” if you like, it simply does not add up.

His “unreal abstraction” has come about, admittedly as a result of globalisation, but what on earth was the alternative?  The subsequently  downtrodden classes of America may have exercised their option, but where to now? – the inter-dependent economies are already in place. They just failed to notice until it was too late.

Do you remember me telling you of the huge double decker trains heading across country from Long Beach with China Line all over them that we noticed when we visited Arizona a few years ago.I recall pointing out that there appeared to be a total lack of awareness amongst those we spoke to of what was happening to their own economy with this growing dependence on China, and now the chickens are roosting!

Sure you can blame to Eastern elites for allowing/forcing this to happen, but for the life of me I cannot see how putting Goldman Sachs executives in charge of the hen-house will change the situation.

They will look after their own interests, as usual".



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