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Auckland Transport Corruption Sentencing

Here is the text of a question I submitted to TCDC this morning:

"Following on yesterday’s sentencing in the Auckland Transport fraud case, I note that the sentencing Judge made reference to the involvement of Optus and Hiway Stabilisers as having “lavished thousands of dollars on long lunches, electronics and international travel and accommodation on members of Noone & George’s team.”

I understand that our Council has had substantial contracts with one or both of these companies.

In view of this, and for no other reason, I would be interested to know whether or not our Council has a gifts policy in place that is policed.

If that is the case, can you please advise what is the limit of the value of gifts that any individual employee (or consultant) may receive without declaring same.

Secondly, have any gifts exceeding that figure been declared in the last twelve months, and from which source?

I don’t seek the names of those who may have received such gifts – I assume that they are properly policed.

Please note that this is no way a ‘witch-hunt’ - simply an attempt to gain assurance that the practices that evolved within Auckland Transport could not be repeated here.

I raise the issue because of the involvement of both organisations with Optus – now that they have been named in court, I believe that I am entitled to this information.

I look forward to your reply."

I received this reply promptly:

"No problems. We have a gift policy and register (along with a fraud policy and fraud officer) I'll get the details and send them through to you."

I will post the full response as soon as received.


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