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Day Departing

It will be no surprise to observers of the manner in which TCDC operates to learn today that Ben Day is history - he leaves after an appropriate period to "pursue other opportunities."

This is no surprise - Rob Wiliams is nothing if not a meticulous operator who well understands the need to thoroughly study the modus operandi  of an organisation before carrying out a major reorganisation to achieve the efficiency, and savings necessary to make it operate as it should.

Leach and Hammond instituted a thoroughly inefficient structure that may well have befitted an organisation twice or three times the size. The so-called decentralisation to area offices bore no relation to the size of the district, or the populations being served. For all the ballyhoo, it was a ridiculous structure from the word go, and I am quite sure that Rob has at last come to understand this simple truth.

Several managers are said to be on the way out, apparently as as Rob has questioned exactly why he had  seven managers reporting to him in what is a relatively small Council - it was total nonsense from day one, and we as rate-payers have had to cover the cost one way or another.

I have no idea what exactly is being suggested as the new structure, but I would wager that Area Manager jobs are in jeopardy, and that the restructure will involve the down-playing of the importance of the area offices back to a more reasonable and rational staffing and cost structure. For all his protestations to the contrary, Greg Hampton's departure now takes on a new dimension - neither "perplexing, or disrespectful"!

There will be some wry grins amongst previous staff members who ran area offices with one or two people at most. I am sure that Rob will get back to running the place with three reports at most - all that should be required in an organisation of this size. He must have been horrified when he found what Hammond and Leach had put in place. 

All I can say at this point is that Day's departure is long overdue - his role has been diminished for some months, and his ambitions of creating a economic development empire as Deputy Chief Executive have vanished. He eventually achieved some success in the IT area, but even that was accomplished with  unnecessary rancour.

I found him overbearing and arrogant, quite out of his depth and beholden to Leach. The place will be a lot better off without him, and great deal of the suspicion and 'warehousing' should depart in his wake.  I wish him well, but consider him an empire builder - he may do very well elsewhere - possibly somewhere larger, more befitting his stature!

I will deal with the issue of just who is departing and who stays when it becomes clearer over the next few weeks - all I can say at the moment is that Rob Williams, and Mayor Goudie appear  to have stamped their personal mark on the place, and not before time.




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Reader Comments (6)

Bill in your haste to level your criticism at the past you should never forget that staff resigning or leaving there jobs for various good reason are human. Many have worked tireless hours and given their absolute best to an organisation they believed was making a diffence. Most have families, partners, friends and are well established and respected in our communities. Please don't load them all into one basket and paint them as villans to simply appease your appetite to hang onto baggage from yesterdays gone by. Yes there are cuts coming and rates might take a knock but for gods sake allow them some dignity as they head for the door as you are better than that.

February 25, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterSideliner

Sorry Sideliner - I have had to delete all from. "Another departure....." You mention a name and that is not on - I am a blogger and take the flak - you have crossed the line. The remainder of your comment may well be on the mark, but if you read my post again, you will not find one word of criticism of the people concerned - the criticism was directed solely at the structure imposed by Hammond and Leach.

February 25, 2017 | Registered CommenterBill Barclay

Not quite sure what Sideliner is actually trying to say. Did not hear a murmur when the prevous Mayor took to the staff with a sledgehammer, removing any person who had spoken out againist him or his masters, people who also had 'skin in the game' and were cast aside as if they were lepers, from the CEO down to second and third tier managers.
I have not seen [nor have asked] what this cost Council in the way of redundancies/hush money, but I do know that certain staff members were barred from going public and to ensure that, part of the redundancy was witheld for a period of time. What of the feelings of those employees, many who had given unstinted loyality to Council over many years and also had invested in Thames. Like the callous way the internal mail team was told, as the looked at the whiteboard in the chamber, by the Mayor, " if your name is not on the board, there is no job for you"
Day and et al bought into the Trump like control of the Mayor/Council, and cost the ratepayers plenty with ill conceived plans, schemes etc. Money was given to all sorts of groups, companies, individuals with no or little recourse to proper financial control. Remember the furoe around the 20k to a computor company which failed on most of the critera required including being a 'new' business, or the 40k to promote Leadfoot?
Day set up the unbudgeted Economic Developement fund which sucks out almost 2.5 million from ratepayers year on year , mostly used to fund the "Great Walks' on the Eastern seaboard, which were not wanted, not planned and hopefully will slide into oblivion along with WW1 Forests.
As for allowing them some dignity as they head for the door,--would that be the same amount of dignity that staff recieved in 2010-11 accorded to them by the then Mayor, new CEO and soon appointed Deputy CEO [Day]?
The old saying: "What goes round , comes round" seems to have familar ring to it!

February 25, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterThamesite

Okay fair crack but my message is that there are more troops jumping off the ship,some of who were survivors of the whiteboard days and worked hard to please both the organisation and those who are elected to represent us. If you want to see where problems lie then look at where the current and recent vacancies sit. Its an unhappy place and the sad fact is that neither the Mayor or CEO seem to see it. I've heard of a new staffer who worked for 6 weeks, experienced the power play manager and bolted back to his old job before it was filled. Lets not judge everyone heading for the door but give praise where its due.

February 25, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterSideliner

Council , Sideline, are by their very nature, make the life of staff very uncomfortable in such a political enviroment. I know of no other place of employment where staff are absolutely s**t scared about who will be their new masters at every 3 year election cycle. Whilst it is actually the CEO who is their 'boss' , many elected member's feel they have the right to tell certain staff what to do--and that problem takes a strong Mayor , strong in terms of rules, not a bullying Mayor as the previous incumbant was. My heart goes out to a Council employee whose life is churned up every three years, BUT, there are staff who suck up to the CEO/Mayor and run their own little fifedoom within the walls of Council and now their time is up and for those I have no sympathy.
Bill's blog has put sunlight on those particular people for many years. The Councils ratepayers have been hoodwinked for the past 6 years and one can only hope that the new CEO and the current Mayor are able to reverse some of those crazy decisions that have been made , starting with the empowerment of "Community Boards' and unelected advisory committees.
Community Boards are an archiac form of local Government, and most progressive Councils have removed them, including our neighbouring Council.
Boards are the 4th tier of Government and the most expensive to operate. Most of the Eastern seaboard overspending was the result of Community Board chairs dealing direct wth compliant staff who carried out their bidding-to wit the M.Bay Sports complex and the very expensive disposal methods used at Pauanui and Whangamata waste water plants or the super sports hall here in Thames.
Board's cost almost as much as the Council in operation costs for a fraction of the output and NO legal responsiblities. District councillors have some legal reponsibility for decisions made, but not so Board members.
Other local authorities use the elected Councillors in each ward along with appointed ward folk [people who have a tremendous understanding of their communities but do not have the time to be an elected Board member] and the Councillor reports back to the FULL Council with the needs of each ward-a very simple, cost effective method, one which this Council needs to move towards before the Local Gorrenment Commission forces us into a marriage with our neighbours!

February 25, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterThamesite

I for one will await notification of just who is 'heading for the door' before giving praise.I think that in the main Sideliner your criticism is misdirected, and a 'kneejerk' reaction born out of being a little 'close to the action.' Just let's taihoa for five.

February 25, 2017 | Registered CommenterBill Barclay

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