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Denis Tegg's Transport Plan Well Received

Dennis gave a good account of his proposal, and it appeared that there was little or no opposition around the table. Dennis had made contact with all the relevant authorities - NZTA and WRC in particular, and they appear suportive, if cautious.

The only matter for debate concerned the timing of the 'business case' that all agreed would be necessary to progress the matter. NZTA want this done right at the outset, but before or after the 'trial' remains in question. In the end it was decided to allocate $10,000 (far too much in view of the work already done by Denis and his transport planner - Adam Lawrence.), but it should be able to carry over to the preparation of the main case immediately following the trial that will use the accumulated data to provide all the information required by NZTA.

It was interesting to note that Denis felt that there may need to be a hiatus between the Trial and the commencement of the service proper. I cannot quite understand the need for this delay, particularly in view of the 'bombshell' dropped by well known Thames realtor Peter Tong in Public Forum to the effect that Richardsons will throw $10,000 into the mix to get the service underway, and Denis indicated that he had another 'Angel' waiting to announce a similar contribution further down-line.

They are not going to pay for the Trial of coures, but they will contibute the amount to the first years net operating costs - (Est. $29,547, before sponsorships like Richardsons. What a wonderful gesture by Richardsons who are well known for their public spirited contributions to the town.

The resolution was for the initial Board $10,000 to be allocated in the current year, but I could not catch exactly from which account - reserves already had a hammering through some of the other largesse being thrown around as this Board comes to terms with its responsibilities. They have not yet come up against the reality of Annual and Long Term planning. But never mind, this project has a great deal more merit than some others being promoted at present.

I am not at all sure who will be taking on the responsibility for furthering this project with Greg Hampton fininhing work on Wednesday. I trust that it will find a pair of safe hands amongst the many currently employed. It will need dedicated  oversight to make it work, but I am sure that Denis will remain firmly on the sideline to make sure it happens. He has already done at least $10,000 worth of work leading up to his presentation, thus obviating the need for a consultant, and Adam Lawrence's 'pro bono' work to date should be acknowledged.

All in all, this is classic case of a felt need within the community being promoted by a 'grass-roots' movement, and our Board responding appropriately, not avoiding the issue as so often happens. They must now make sure that it is carried through.




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