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Farewell Greg Hampton

Whatever has brought Greg to the point of wanting to sever his ties with the Council, there is no doubt that he will be missed in a number of quarters.

Greg came to the job from an unlikely background in the Parks and Reserves area, but brought his particular panache to the job. He built the local area office into a formidable unit - one with which I have had the odd run-in, but always in a non-acrimonious way (well mostly!) Whatever our immediate reactions in situations where we begged to differ, nothing lasted more than a day - just like in a good marriage!

Greg has been so approachable, and helpful that i have often felt embarrassed asking him for anything knowing just how he tends to go out of his way to help. I know that he will most certainly have a most successful career in the book trade - he has acquired a great shop, with a magnificent heritage and reputation, and he will take it to even greater heights - of that I am sure.

Good luck luck from all of us from outside the Council who have relied on your input over the years. We can't wait to stump you with a few 'hard to get' requests. I hope that you continue to take a role in the town - we can surely do with your steady hand and wide knowledge of local government.




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