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Freedom Camping Stumped!

In a remarkable turnaround, our Council has conquered the inroads of the the Wickeds, Jucys etc that plagued our roads a few short years ago.

Today's presser puts the interim infringement figures at 297, against 520 in the same period last year.

This indicates the total success of the policy introduced during the term of the last Council to bring what was totally unacceptable behaviour on our roads and campsites. The fecklessness of other councils around the country has been amply demonstrated over the past year or two with most unable to bring themselves to introduce similar by-laws that would have enabled them to achieve similar results.

They must be looking askance at TCDC at this time as the success achieved here penetrates through the smoke-screens that most appeared to erect to justify their lack of action.

TCDC has achieved what most said was impossible, unfair, repellant to legitimate campers, or otherwise unenforceable. The results are clear to see for anyone who has ventured around the Peninsula over the last three months. It was only three ago that the route from Whitianga to Thames was lined with literally hundreds of campers surreptitiously parked, and creating mayhem.

The fact that our Council, along with the Motor Caravan Association has persuaded the major camper companies to co-operate on fine collection is an amazing turnaround.  I recall the recalcitrant  attitude attitude of Tourism Holdings boss Chris Alps when he flatly refused to co-operate on this simple solution to the recovery problem. It appears that this still has a little way to go, but overall the change in attitude, and consequent compliance is to be applauded. 

Congratulations to the staff of Council for the manner in which they devised, and implemented the by-law.  And to councillors who who backed staff on this issue.




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