Steve Hart On The Way Out
Wednesday, March 1, 2017 at 9:45AM
Bill Barclay

Team Leader of the Compliance & Bylaw Team at Council has resigned, and he will be sadly missed. Here is his paraphased email to other staff:

"I wish to inform you I have tendered my resignation with Thames Coromandel District Council. It was not an easy decision as I have enjoyed my positions passionately for the past 8 years but it has become a time where I must choose health, myself & my Whanau more than this role. I will leave behind an awesome team of hardworking staff and there will many who I will miss as we have grown together as a family."

I have no idea what brought this about, but clearly it is part of the upheaval taking place within the Castle at the present time.

Steve has been an outstanding servant of the Council - one of those who Councils completely rely on the ensure that everything runs as it should. He has been assaulted, as has many bylaw people in carrying out his job - it is not easy, but everyone I have ever spoken to respects the manner in which Steve led the C & B Team

I believe that it can be said that Steve was instrumental in devising the methodology by which the new Freedom Camping rules were written and implemented, and there is no other Council in this country that faced the same problems as were occurring here that managed their FC Bylaw better than ours. Its success will remain a lasting tribute to Steve and his team.

I for one would like to wish Steve well for the future.




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