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Some Thoughts On The Election - 1. Water

Six months out from the election, there are some irrefutable tendencies amongst the concerns of the 45-50% of voters who have traditionally opted for the tried and tested. An impression of complacency appears to have settled over the National front benches that should be rapidly dissipating as the results of their own internal polling present a picture far removed from what they have enjoyed over recent years.

Social issues like housing and child welfare may push some buttons, and just how they can shut Susan Devoy up must surely be exercising a few minds in caucus. But the real issues that will cause conniptions throughout the core are related to water, immigration and in particular, temporary work visas and the crossover of unskilled ostensible PTE (Private Training Establishment) students into the workforce.  Finally, the possibility of any Reserve Bank action that may cause a precipitate fall in house values – one that Finance Minister Stephen Joyce is clearly attempting to negate.  

But of all these, the one that must surely be eating away at core support every time Nick Smith opens his mouth on every aspect of its pollution, ownership and export is water. It is as if he is completely oblivious to the fact that farmers no longer constitute the majority of the National core, and even they are shaking heads at the recent turn of events that has resulted in anti-farmer antagonism in almost every sector of society. 

Listening to Fed Chair William Rolleston this morning accusing Forest & Bird and Fish & Game of politicking over their pull-out from the Clean Water Accord it was indicative of hardening attitudes all around. But one cannot possibly miss the palpable change taking place over the manner which hegemony over water has been secured, and to Dr Smith’s stubborn denial of equity.

His attempts to equate water with fresh air simply fall on deaf airs.





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Reader Comments (1)

Water is, increasingly, seen as a defining issue around the globe.
Water must remain part of the 'commons' i.e. in public ownership - the property of no one and everyone.
How long must we wait before each new house build and significant renovation is accompanied by a requirement for capture of water off roof surfaces and consequent recycling for household use.
Yes, I know, more Government interference in the routine lives of ordinary folk; but this becomes a tolerable burden when we fully comprehend the signal importance of water as a life giving and sustaining resource.
Much the same can be said of solar energy - for how long will we continue to allow corrupt Government and big business lobbies to stifle the growth of solar power generation by small town NZ households.
Battle lines ought to be apparent by now, even to the indifferent and largely unthinking NZer...

March 15, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterRussell

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