Some Thoughts On the Election- 3. Other 
Wednesday, March 15, 2017 at 4:33PM
Bill Barclay

But that is by no means the only bauble Winston has up his sleeve – the strong desire of large number of National voters who are unimpressed with Bill English’s total lack of charisma, and his almost suicidal pride in his stoic stand on abortion reform demonstrated to the entire nation on Q & A on Sunday will drive many more in Winston’s direction – both Labour and the Greens being an anathema.

But the number of these reluctant ‘switchers’ is unlikely to match the numbers of new GenX voters attracted to the booths by the ‘Jacinta factor.’ She would have to really make a giant ‘boo-boo’ between now and October to outweigh her current attraction, even while Angry Andy is floundering with his priorities. His complete misfire on the defence budget this morning will only add to his woes – he appears to be completely unaware of the just how shit-scared are people in the boondocks with Trumps recent pronouncements.

We have to look to own our own interests – relying on the US for our home and marine (both trade-route and fishing) defence is history. If Andrew thinks that repeating Helen Clark's antagonism towards the military will win him votes, he is completely out of touch. It will simply cheer on his entrenched left-wing.

And Andrew needs to remember that the vast majority of Kiwis who own their own homes are basically interested in maintaining their value. His equivocating over the Greens demand for a value-added tax will not have gone un-noticed, and that is important because his only real chance of forming a Government is with the Greens. 



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