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Come On Bill, Get On With It!

Leaving aside ones (or at least my) visceral and immediate revulsion at anything either Hager or Stevenson produce, the reaction of the former Minister at the time of Hit and Run, Wayne Mapp, leaves no way out for Bill English. An inquiry is both inevitable, and urgently required. Any further delay will destroy whatever remains of his credibility. "We are not going to be rushed into an inquiry" simply does not 'cut the mustard,' and if he doesn't know it - he should. 

"Left wing conspiracy theorist" may represent a fair description as far as the majority of us sceptics are concerned, but the veracity of the evidence produced in Hit and Run is compelling, and no statement to date by either the Defence Force, or Government Ministers respond in any credible manner to the bare charges as set out in the books 120 odd pages. On the other hand, the immediate outbursts of ignorant National back-benchers should be placed in context, and in general treated with contempt.  

I guess the immediate reaction by most of us, is or was that it is all ancient history, and best left under the mat, but once Pandora's box is opened, it is hard to close until the nagging doubts have been answered. Only a properly constituted and empowered inquiry can do that. 

Wayne Mapp's description - "Our biggest and most disastrous operation. A fiasco," both then and now will not go away - that is the inconvenient truth that Bill English has to accept as the final nail in the coffin of being able to avoid the issue. Someone, or many are responsible, and only an inquiry can can lay the ghosts to rest. Nothing otherwise can remove the image of the soon to be shrapnelled 3 year old that graces the cover of Hit and Run as a clever Hager marketing tool. 

The threat of action by some international group aiming to establish that a 'war crime' has taken place should not in itself provide incentive for action by our Government, but it should not be forgotten that such action is quite likely when the evidence is served on a plate, and the perpetrator can usefully be labelled as an example. Little old New Zealand could very well fulfill that convenient role, and be pilloried as a result.  

No, all in all, you have no choice Bill - get on with it, and get it off the table before it becomes a political 'hot potato' that you will forever regret. Throw your well known, and often respected caution to the wind. 




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