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31 March Comes Round Again 

31 March has come round again - the time when I seek support for maintaining the blog by asking for $25 pledge to the cause of keeping up to date with what is really taking place in the District.

I seek this contribution on 31 March, 30 June and 30 September each year - contribute once, twice or thrice depending on how you feel about the value of the blog. Note the bank account details above - names not required!

The total contributed does not, and is not needed to to compensate for the time I put in - it is simply a token gesture that indicates to me that the effort is worthwhile. It may even 'pay-off' in the form of oversight of what is going on, and just how our hard-earned rates are being nurtured, or not.

Please do not feel obliged, but I know that there are several hundred regular readers out there who must be getting some value from the blog - otherwise, why would they bother?

Please consider the value that you obtain from whatever I am able to glean, and make a contribution. It basically covers the operating costs, and not a great deal more.

Thank you in advance if you feel you able able to contribute.




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