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Amidst The Chaos - A Rationale!

There had to be another explanation for what has been going on in DC.

Here is one courtesy of a major skeptic who evidently watches Fox assiduously. After all the torrent of left wing liberal stuff that has assailed our senses for the last few months, a little balance is in order, and Fox commentator Tucker Carlson's address to the International Association of Firefighters is not only bloody funny, but explains the dilemma facing the Republicans (and incidentally the Democrats!), as they enter month two without a single run on the board.

Trump may be incandescent, but both sides may well have underestimated the man, and more importantly, his middle-class electorate base. 

If you have half an hour, this is well worth watching :

It may leave you like a leper at your next social engagement, but hey - 'In for a penny, in for a pound!'



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