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Cyclone Cook

I am not given to handing out plaudits before the event, but on this occasion I do feel moved to make a comment about the performance of the Mayor and Council staff - in particular, Civil Defence Controller Gary Towler.

Right from day one, Gary has displayed consummate skill at handling the media - his performance this morning on NZR was exemplary, and left no-one in any doubt as the danger ahead. And the TCDC Bulletins have been equally spot-on! Likewise Mayor Sandra has been the very epitome of rock solid leadership - no panic, just the facts. 

CDC is an uncomfortable position in a situation like this - just how much information to release without overstating the situation and causing mayhem as a result, is key, and Gary has done us all a service in that regard. Despatching the teams to visits all vulnerable settlements that lie close to the Eastern shore is exactly what was required.

Those most at risk should avail themselves of the opportunity to retreat in the face of what is clearly a major threat - never mind the false heroics, and staying put just save the property - that simply puts others at risk at the height of the storm.

I am full of admiration for all the preparations - particularly the reassurance provided by the Council contractors who were very evident on the ground this morning. 

All we can do is batten down and sit it out. I have been through these events several times during 25 years in the tropics and in Darwin, and they can be frightening, but common sense will see us through okay, of that I am sure. 

Good luck!


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