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Chief Executive's Report

Here is the Chief Executives Report for February and March

It is an admirably shorter version of what we have become used to, and for that we should be grateful, but one is left wondering as to just what has been left out. This Report used to be presented in Public Excluded for the purpose of enabling the CE to provide what may otherwise be confidential information, and keep Council better informed about what was going on behind the scenes.

I wonder if it would not be better for all concerned for his Report to be split into two to enable that practice to continue. I suspect that the current Report is simply a pro forma that is designed to keep the wolves at bay. The temptation is to believe that everything of real importance is 'workshopped' away from prying eyes. It would be preferable to see some greater attention in his public reports to those matters that we know are taking place, including efforts directed to re-organisation.

I guess that is a futile dream, but the public of this District is entitled to know more than what is currently being shared. This is just a prod - finding a balance can be extremely testing on the skill of a CEO in these circumstances, but Rob could be making a greater effort in my opinion.


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