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District Licensing Committee

Readers may be interested in the make-up, and remuneration of the District Licensing Committee that meets regularly to renew, and issue new licenses. Not a particularly arduour function one may have thought as most of the actual work is done by staff, and the Committee normally simply endorses that work.

Nevertheless, it is one of those functions that needs to done, and councillors in particular normally relish the opportunity to supplement their income through the earning of the generous fees that are available on ‘piece-work’ basis.

A paper outlining the staff recommendations goes to Council tomorrow.

Here are the rates:

Members of the District Licensing Committee are remunerated in accordance with section 195 the Act. Commissioners are paid $624 per day ($78 per hour for part days) and list members are paid $408 per day ($51 per hour for part days). 

Here are the conditions:

Any meeting of a licensing committee must have a quorum of three (a chairperson and two list members), unless the application(s) are unopposed and not objected to, in which case the quorum required is one who must be the chairperson.

Staff consider a two commissioner model is preferable to the status quo model (one commissioner and one deputy chairperson) because it would enable workloads, absences and potential conflicts of interest to be better managed. Routine time demands of alcohol licensing matters can be challenging for elected members.

Under this model commissioners and committee list members may vary meeting to meeting (may operate on a rotational basis or otherwise) in order to effectively manage unavailability due to holidays, sickness or other contingencies without disrupting the service provided

Staff recommend all appointments be for a term of four years, expiring on 30 April 2021 (to keep outside of the Local Body election cycle).

Here are the staff nominations: (likely to be confirmed tomorrow)

Murray CLEARWATER  (Commissioner & List Member)

Peter FRENCH  (Commissioner & List Member)

Shaun COLE   (List Member)

Brent HOLMES  (List Member)

Cr Louis Anthony (Tony) FOX  (List Member)

Cr Murray MCLEAN  (List Member)

Cr Rex SIMPSON  (List Member)



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