Coastal & Hazard Management Performance Measures
Saturday, May 13, 2017 at 12:08PM
Bill Barclay

A Paper goes to Council on Tuesday with the objective of establishing performance measures for Stategic Planning.

Here is the Paper, and here is the relevant extract on the subject of Coastal & Hazard Management:

Coastal and Hazard Management

The Coastal and Hazard Management Activity has in recent years focussed on the more immediate needs of east coast communities particularly in the Mercury Bay board area as a result of weather events and their impact on reserves and key infrastructure.

A district wide strategic framework is under development, however the dual focus of progressing both the practical programme and the district wide strategic framework has stretched resources. The scope of this strategy has widened, and the framework will now be completed in 2017-18, as part of the development of the 2018-2018 Long Term Plan, led by the Strategic Planning Team.

The other focus in 2017-2018 is to complete the practical actions in the Mercury Bay area identified in the five year programme recommended to Council which will span 16 beaches involving projects of varying scale. (My bold)

It is proposed that the following Coastal and Hazard Management work programme milestones for 2017/18 be ratified by Council and included in the 2017/18 Annual Plan:

Complete the dune planting programmes approved by the Mercury Bay Community Board and Council at:

So there it is - the commitment to Mercury Bay restoration and protection will be beyond argument when this recommendation is adopted on Tuesday. On the other hand, the Paper commits the Planning Team to providing a Coastal Management Strategy as part of the District Plan for adoption by Council by 30 June 2018. It is to hoped that this will incorporate provision for all the scenarios listed under the 2010 National Coastal Policy Statement. 

Council has an obligation to make the necessary resources available - this is not optional, particularly as other councils facing far less danger than ours have managed to complete their plans. 

In the meantime, the proposed actions on Mercury Bay beaches that were the subject of debate in the Hauraki Herald over the last few weeks is now to become embedded through the recommendation.  The fact that over a million dollars is to be frittered away on District funded localised beach protection is frankly a disgrace, and the result the overbearing lobbying, and completely inadequate consultation with the entire population affected by the cost - not just Mercury Bay.




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